Livetree Brand Constitution


Blockchain technology

  • A transparent, auditable ledger (series of chains) of all transactions made through the Livetree site,
  • A reduction of costs associated with traditional online transactions,
  • Smart contracts to divide returns automatically and instantaneously,
  • The movement of ideas to be tracked and recorded,
  • Livetree to host content without renting servers from online distribution giants,
  • The decentralisation of the entertainment industry,
  • Our tokens use the Moonbeam Polkadot blockchain which facilitates reduced costs for users with no gas fee, larger scalability of content and sustainable usage.


  • The congregation of like-minded people for the exchange of ideas and tokens,
  • A greater financial force to be developed between individuals with similar visions,
  • The profitability of certain types of investments to be recorded, displayed and analysed,
  • The Livetree team will interfere only in instances of ethical violations.

Livetree Seed Tokens

  • Experience a growth in the value of their investments as Livetree expands and tokens are exchanged,

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


  • Pay users directly for the data they share,
  • Always give users full insight into how their data is used,
  • Never sell user data to any third party,
  • Never use data for targeted advertising,
  • Ensure the authenticity of a user’s work by using a combination of copyright protection databases and decentralised voting systems.


  • Users will earn when the projects they back succeed commercially, being rewarded more fairly and substantially than the perks system favoured by crowdfunding models,
  • Backers will be refunded if the project they back do not meet its target budget,


  • Reward you with 50% of revenue generated from your social content
  • Put all content on an equal footing and allow users and communities to push content to the forefront of Livetree’s catalogue.
  • Your audience members are able to gift you tokens for your content
  • 25% of Livetree’s revenue goes towards forest maintenance and reforestation efforts — minimising your carbon footprint.



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Livetree is a social NFT platform that invites creators to build sustainable, decentralized collectives and start their own cryptocurrency. #nftFutureMe